Networking and Voice Services

UVP-Executive_Front_AngleNetworking and Voice services are the most important part of a business infrastructure. A business network provides the foundation for its employees to communicate. A business voice system is the core component for communicating with its customers. 21st century business has married the two products into common platforms working together. Performax Consulting will work with your business to build a voice and data network that is rock solid and affordable.

Cat 5 Cat 6 Wiring

Cat 5 / Cat 6 Wire Installation

Many business make the mistake of letting their electricians wire their offices. Only to find out later that the wiring does not meet their needs. Performax Consulting will design your entire network with consideration of Internet connectivity, workstations and telephones. Call Performax to get your business wired correctly the first time.


Fiber Infrastructure

Fiber optics has been used in business to create a reliable long haul data / phone backbone for years. Presently it is not uncommon to see fiber used in small offices. If a business is trying to join multiple buildings together on a campus or linking long distances together fiber is the answer. Call Performax to find out how reasonable it is to add fiber to your business.

Facebook WiFi

Facebook / Social WiFi

Is your business giving away wireless to customers for free. Let Performax Consulting bring Facebook WiFi into your business to help build your social presence while providing your customers with free wireless.

Disaster Solution Networks

Business Continuity

Presently businesses have put all their eggs in one basket with VoIP telephones and hosted cloud based technologies. Performax Consulting offers a range of LTE cellular based business continuity solutions that can be used in case of an outage.



Fax is still a relevant platform for business to do business. In the 21st century businesses can leverage efax as a solution to extend fax capabilties to their enterprise email. Whether you need one fax number for your business or a number for every employee, starting at $15 a month efax is a no brainer.

Data Center

Data Center Services

A business’s data center is its core. Special consideration has to be made for wiring your network backbone and power management for a successful data center roll out. Performax Consulting can build your your server racks and network backbone for a rock solid installation.

Wireless Networks

Wireless Networking

MDU Wireless, Office Wireless, Uninfied Wireless or Retail Driving Wireless, Performax Consulting has your solution. Wifi can be used for many more things than just a convenient way to get to the internet. Let Performax Consulting develop a custom solution for your business.

Campus Condo Wireless

Campus / Condo / MDU Wireless

Performax Consulting installs and maintains wireless systems for condos, hotels and apartment complexes. With a Unified Wireless installation starting at $15 a unit, Performax can blanket your MDU facility with high speed commercial grade wireless. Call Performax before making any commitment to a MDU wireless provider.


Voice Solutions

Whether your business needs one telephone or a multiple station telephone system, Performax Consulting can build it for you. If your business has multiple locations Performax can put all locations on a seamless PBX. Telephone service is quite possibly the most important part of your business. Let Performax build the perfect solution for you.

Is your company not ready to switch to VoIP? Performax Consulting can extend and maintain the life of your legacy system. If you are ready to switch Performax can build a hybrid system to get your business started on the VoIP platform.

Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP

For years big business has reaped the benefits of Voice over IP. Now Hosted VoIP is bringing telecom savings to small business owners everywhere.  Businesses can now have a state of the art telephone system for less than the cost of traditional telephone lines. With nothing to purchase hosted VoIP is the perfect voice solution for small business.